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The Art of the Snowflake – The Daily Beast

January 29, 2010

Wilson Bentley’s astonishing early 20th-century photographs of snowflakes reveal nature’s miniature miracles. VIEW OUR GALLERY of a pioneering master.

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Movie Sparks Battle Over the Bible

January 26, 2010


via Movie Sparks Battle Over the Bible.  The Christian right will distort the truth, deny the facts, try to rewrite history and create their own set of “facts” in order to control the thoughts and minds of their cult followers.  Darwin has the upper hand on this one all the way. There is not one single scinilla of proof anywhere of stores from the Bible, it is 100% based on  myth, fantasy, wishful thinking,  and subject to myriad interpretations, usually to suit the twisted needs and desires of religious fanatics.  It should be enough for them to accept their version of the “truth”, apply it to their lives as they see fit,  get on with their lives  and leave others alone. But true to fashion, they are not content to live according to their beliefs, but are hell bent on imposing them on everyone else. 

There are volumes of facts regarding evolution,  concrete evidence that’s been held in human hands, enough to open even the most closed mind.  The truth is the truth, evolution is a proven fact and a very recognized, sure  science.  One can believe in God and still believe in evolution, or not, but noone is entitled to their own set of facts. “Thank God” our scientists are intelligent, non prejudiced and realistic people who are only interested in the history of the earth and the universe and have no stake in proving the Bible; if they did, I’m sure they would present evidence of the Bible truths just as they do the Darwinian truths of evolution and be just as excitd about their discoveries.  Meantime,  it’s a fascinating subject and I will continue to research, read and absorb all the facts and information I can regarding the evolution of the earth and man. And when concrete evidence regarding Bible stories is discovered and presented, that will be equally exciting.

“Prince” Frederic Runs For California Governor

January 26, 2010

“Prince Frederic” is like a recurring nightmare.  First, the poor thing hangs around a very gay Starbucks in West Hollywood, nearly every  afternoon, even on rainy days and week ends, sitting at a sidewalk table all alone, smoking a cigar, for hours at a time, surrounded by gay men.   This is wierd behavior for a so called “Prince” who should be top heavy with “royal” duties, many brunches, luncheons and dinners to attend.  However, “Prince” Frederic seems to have nothing but time on his hands and  in need of attention -but from whom is questionable.  He payed $5,000 to marry Zsa Zsa Gabor when she was decades older than him, moved into her house in Bel Air, promptly started driving around West Hollywood and Beverly Hills in a fine, fine, fine Rolls Royce,  lunching at the Ivy, being interviewed there (and anywhere else)  by anyone including any tourist with a camera.  He accompanied his “wife” to the Beverly Hills Court House during her cop slapping trial,  claimed to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby (this one is particularly pathetic – yuk!),  spread the word that he had been stripped naked (yuk! again) and tied to the steering wheel of  “his” Rolls Royce by aliens from another planet, possibly the same planet he is from.  La Da Da. Thanksgiving 2009 found him out passing out frozen  turkeys to poor people, embracing fat dirty old women as he presented them their turkeys, as  a flashbulb  or two went off.  Pitiful is putting it kindly. And now, The “Prince” who is  among our area’s strangest senior citizens,  is running for Governor of California.  Obviously the “fame” of being married to Zsa Zsa has long worn off and the publicity hungry “Prince” is in search of a fame feeding frenzy.  He is too old even to replace  “Angeline, the Local Billboard Queen” so maybe he should use some of his billboard money to pay off some of Zsa Zsa’s back taxes. He is like a cartoon  character,  look at that ridiculous green get up with all the buttons, bangles, ribbons and medals, I somehow feel each one is as phony and worthless as the old man who wears them.  Besides we already have a loud mouth German (or is he Hungarian?) for Governor and one will be quite enouch, thank you.  One thing  I can say for the “Prince” is he has chutzpa and doesn’t seem to mind making a perfect ass of himself.  To be sure noone would give him a second glance under ordinary circumstances, so he is bound to keep on thinking up new schemes in his pathetic quest for attention.

In Haiti, We Line Them Up To Catch The Babies…

January 21, 2010

The earthquakes in Haiti are likely the greatest human tragedy in the history of the Western Hemisphere.  The United States, true to form, has again demonstated it’s greatness with the response and responsibility it has taken in helping the Haitian people in so many ways.  Hopefully, this will raise the awareness level in this hemisphere and throughout the rest of the civilized world, of the untold poverty, filth, disease, overpopulation and extreme social disorder that makes Haiti amoung the most primitive,  backward and under developed societies in the world. 

Personally, it occurred to me that the birth rate in Haiti should be looked at by those in authority, whoever they are, and the Haitian people should be educated  and taught the various methods of birth control, perhaps even voluntary sterilization.  The birth rate in Haiti surpasses any other in the Western Hemisphere,  a woman giving birth to 12-15 babies is not uncommon, about 700 of every 100,000 women die in childbirth.   It is easy  for me to believe that the Haitian women would be open to learning and practicing birth control methods, or sterilization, especially since many of them drink poison to get rid of their baby.  Thousand  of babies there are born out of wedlock as a result of rape, incest and prostitution, all of which are very common.  A case is described of one 14 year old girl giving  a painful birth to the baby of her 68 year old uncle.  Doctors Without Borders Hospital has 66 beds and delivers more than 1,000 babies per month.  As one doctor put it, “Every pair of gloved hands is prepared to catch a baby at any given time.”  How tragic, so many babies born, not only into poverty, but with little or no chance of a better life,  often born already sick and dying.   Why don’t more people ask…WHY?  Why doesn’t the civilized world try to do something to improve this out of control situation?  Charities keep asking for money to feed the babies, to help the children, to buy medicine for the sick; as a charitable person,  I now wonder what good can it possibly do to send more and more money to feed the babies when they keep reproducing at a rate that is totally unreasonable and should be unacceptable to those of us who are trying to  help and improve things there. I think these charities should spend a large amount of their funds trying to effect a serious birth control program for both Haitian women and men as there is no way the Haitians could afford birth control pills, for example, or pay for any other birth control method. At the current rate, the tragedy of  childbirth and overpopulation in Haiti is without end unless the birth rate is seriously curtailed and the Haitian people are agressively taught and encouraged to practice birth control. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and sterilization should be a viable option in an attempt to get some semblance of control and reason over this currently out of control and beyond reason situation.

Senator-Elect Scott Brown

January 21, 2010

The good people of the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts have a right to elect whomever they please to the senate.  That being said, it is my opinion that they gave a giant smack in the face to the memory of the late Senator Edward Kennedy who served them more than well for 47 years, particularly since health care for all Americans was the life time goal of his work.  I would think Sen. Kennedy is restless in his grave knowing the betrayal of the people of the land he lived in and loved for his entire life.  For that reason, among others, I wonder  why they would elect someone diametrically opposed to the principles and values that Sen. Kennedy stood for in their service?  Scott Brown is a strange character and it’s his business that he posed nude in a 1982 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, (which gives new meaning to the politics of “Bush”), that he offered up his daughters as “available” during his senatorial acceptance speech,  ostensibly to whichever men wanted them.  However,  it is the concern of many that  Mr. Brown voted against giving help to 9-11 recovery workers, wondered on a TV interview if Barack Obama was born out of wedlock, had a meltdown in front of 80 high school students at a student assembly because they made fun of him on a Facebook site, using vile, vulgar language and curse words that stunned his audience, and other questionable occasions of strange behavior too numerous to mention here. 

I am a great Keith Olbermann fan, although sometimes I think he talks too fast and is terribly hard on some people in his tirades against those with whom he has a beef.  Keith described Scott Brown as  “an irresponsible, homophobic, racist reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagger, supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees.”

Maybe that’s Scott Brown in a nutshell, I don’t know.  What I do know is that I am extremely disappointed in my fellow New Englanders and what I consider their wrong choice, which I’m afraid will be revealed to them in a frightening way at a time when there is nothing they can do about it.   I have lived in Los Angeles most of my life, but am from New England, and   have always been proud that, although New Hampshire went to George W. Bush in the disasterous & corrupt presidential election of 2000, not once otherwise did any New England state go to George W. Bush.  And now the election of a Republican senator from Massachusetts for the first time since 1972 gives me great pause and I hope to God this is an anomaly and not a harbinger of things to come. Heaven forbid!

Obama after 1 year…

January 21, 2010

To call Obama’s presidency ineffective would be an understatement. He continues to speak well, but he demonstrates a clear lack of leadership skills, stands on the sidelines while sending others into the eye of the storm, hoping they will accomplish something that he can take credit for. He is a timid man, afraid to offend anyone, seems he can’t bear criticism, is very thin skinned when it comes to his ego and self image. He voted “present” 100 times as an Illinois senator so he wouldn’t offend anyone, remaining noncomittal. Clearly he wanted to play both sides as running for president was in the back of his mind even at that time. It seems his presidency is about him and not about the country and the American people. If Obama doesn’t grow some in the very near future, I fear the downhill trend of his presidency will continue and he will be a 1 term president.

Hello world!

January 21, 2010

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