In Haiti, We Line Them Up To Catch The Babies…

The earthquakes in Haiti are likely the greatest human tragedy in the history of the Western Hemisphere.  The United States, true to form, has again demonstated it’s greatness with the response and responsibility it has taken in helping the Haitian people in so many ways.  Hopefully, this will raise the awareness level in this hemisphere and throughout the rest of the civilized world, of the untold poverty, filth, disease, overpopulation and extreme social disorder that makes Haiti amoung the most primitive,  backward and under developed societies in the world. 

Personally, it occurred to me that the birth rate in Haiti should be looked at by those in authority, whoever they are, and the Haitian people should be educated  and taught the various methods of birth control, perhaps even voluntary sterilization.  The birth rate in Haiti surpasses any other in the Western Hemisphere,  a woman giving birth to 12-15 babies is not uncommon, about 700 of every 100,000 women die in childbirth.   It is easy  for me to believe that the Haitian women would be open to learning and practicing birth control methods, or sterilization, especially since many of them drink poison to get rid of their baby.  Thousand  of babies there are born out of wedlock as a result of rape, incest and prostitution, all of which are very common.  A case is described of one 14 year old girl giving  a painful birth to the baby of her 68 year old uncle.  Doctors Without Borders Hospital has 66 beds and delivers more than 1,000 babies per month.  As one doctor put it, “Every pair of gloved hands is prepared to catch a baby at any given time.”  How tragic, so many babies born, not only into poverty, but with little or no chance of a better life,  often born already sick and dying.   Why don’t more people ask…WHY?  Why doesn’t the civilized world try to do something to improve this out of control situation?  Charities keep asking for money to feed the babies, to help the children, to buy medicine for the sick; as a charitable person,  I now wonder what good can it possibly do to send more and more money to feed the babies when they keep reproducing at a rate that is totally unreasonable and should be unacceptable to those of us who are trying to  help and improve things there. I think these charities should spend a large amount of their funds trying to effect a serious birth control program for both Haitian women and men as there is no way the Haitians could afford birth control pills, for example, or pay for any other birth control method. At the current rate, the tragedy of  childbirth and overpopulation in Haiti is without end unless the birth rate is seriously curtailed and the Haitian people are agressively taught and encouraged to practice birth control. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and sterilization should be a viable option in an attempt to get some semblance of control and reason over this currently out of control and beyond reason situation.


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