Obama after 1 year…

To call Obama’s presidency ineffective would be an understatement. He continues to speak well, but he demonstrates a clear lack of leadership skills, stands on the sidelines while sending others into the eye of the storm, hoping they will accomplish something that he can take credit for. He is a timid man, afraid to offend anyone, seems he can’t bear criticism, is very thin skinned when it comes to his ego and self image. He voted “present” 100 times as an Illinois senator so he wouldn’t offend anyone, remaining noncomittal. Clearly he wanted to play both sides as running for president was in the back of his mind even at that time. It seems his presidency is about him and not about the country and the American people. If Obama doesn’t grow some in the very near future, I fear the downhill trend of his presidency will continue and he will be a 1 term president.



2 Responses to “Obama after 1 year…”

  1. MTR Says:

    Ineffective is not the word. DANGEROUS is. In the course of one year, he’s tanked the economy, created a $3 trillion deficit, double-digited unemployment, essentially stopped the housing market, made the US look like whimps in the world’s eyes, and has increased the number of attacks on this country.

    If this election of Scott Brown doesn’t put a halt on many more of Obama’s programs, then we are going to look at this past year very fondly.

  2. woodymcbreairty Says:

    In the established style of a true Republican, you have twisted and propagandized the truth to death. The conditions of the country you described are a direct result of the appointment of the unqualified, incapable clown George W Bush to the Presidency by the corrupt majority of the Extreme Court. The reign of King George will ever be a black mark on the dignity & integrity of the U.S. He took our country to the brink of hell in his disasterous 8 years, letting his evil surrogates like Dick Cheney take their agenda of hate and war mongering to point of destroying or economy, reputation, credibility, world relationships, history, on ad infinitum. Too bad Republicants are so obcessed with controling the lives of all Americans with their political and religious fanaticism. When God passed out hearts, the Republicants thought he said farts, and said make sure ours are big & strong and last for a long time.

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