Movie Sparks Battle Over the Bible


via Movie Sparks Battle Over the Bible.  The Christian right will distort the truth, deny the facts, try to rewrite history and create their own set of “facts” in order to control the thoughts and minds of their cult followers.  Darwin has the upper hand on this one all the way. There is not one single scinilla of proof anywhere of stores from the Bible, it is 100% based on  myth, fantasy, wishful thinking,  and subject to myriad interpretations, usually to suit the twisted needs and desires of religious fanatics.  It should be enough for them to accept their version of the “truth”, apply it to their lives as they see fit,  get on with their lives  and leave others alone. But true to fashion, they are not content to live according to their beliefs, but are hell bent on imposing them on everyone else. 

There are volumes of facts regarding evolution,  concrete evidence that’s been held in human hands, enough to open even the most closed mind.  The truth is the truth, evolution is a proven fact and a very recognized, sure  science.  One can believe in God and still believe in evolution, or not, but noone is entitled to their own set of facts. “Thank God” our scientists are intelligent, non prejudiced and realistic people who are only interested in the history of the earth and the universe and have no stake in proving the Bible; if they did, I’m sure they would present evidence of the Bible truths just as they do the Darwinian truths of evolution and be just as excitd about their discoveries.  Meantime,  it’s a fascinating subject and I will continue to research, read and absorb all the facts and information I can regarding the evolution of the earth and man. And when concrete evidence regarding Bible stories is discovered and presented, that will be equally exciting.


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