“Prince” Frederic Runs For California Governor

“Prince Frederic” is like a recurring nightmare.  First, the poor thing hangs around a very gay Starbucks in West Hollywood, nearly every  afternoon, even on rainy days and week ends, sitting at a sidewalk table all alone, smoking a cigar, for hours at a time, surrounded by gay men.   This is wierd behavior for a so called “Prince” who should be top heavy with “royal” duties, many brunches, luncheons and dinners to attend.  However, “Prince” Frederic seems to have nothing but time on his hands and  in need of attention -but from whom is questionable.  He payed $5,000 to marry Zsa Zsa Gabor when she was decades older than him, moved into her house in Bel Air, promptly started driving around West Hollywood and Beverly Hills in a fine, fine, fine Rolls Royce,  lunching at the Ivy, being interviewed there (and anywhere else)  by anyone including any tourist with a camera.  He accompanied his “wife” to the Beverly Hills Court House during her cop slapping trial,  claimed to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby (this one is particularly pathetic – yuk!),  spread the word that he had been stripped naked (yuk! again) and tied to the steering wheel of  “his” Rolls Royce by aliens from another planet, possibly the same planet he is from.  La Da Da. Thanksgiving 2009 found him out passing out frozen  turkeys to poor people, embracing fat dirty old women as he presented them their turkeys, as  a flashbulb  or two went off.  Pitiful is putting it kindly. And now, The “Prince” who is  among our area’s strangest senior citizens,  is running for Governor of California.  Obviously the “fame” of being married to Zsa Zsa has long worn off and the publicity hungry “Prince” is in search of a fame feeding frenzy.  He is too old even to replace  “Angeline, the Local Billboard Queen” so maybe he should use some of his billboard money to pay off some of Zsa Zsa’s back taxes. He is like a cartoon  character,  look at that ridiculous green get up with all the buttons, bangles, ribbons and medals, I somehow feel each one is as phony and worthless as the old man who wears them.  Besides we already have a loud mouth German (or is he Hungarian?) for Governor and one will be quite enouch, thank you.  One thing  I can say for the “Prince” is he has chutzpa and doesn’t seem to mind making a perfect ass of himself.  To be sure noone would give him a second glance under ordinary circumstances, so he is bound to keep on thinking up new schemes in his pathetic quest for attention.


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