It seems that “Prince” Frederic Von Anhalt is officially on the ballot running for Governor of California. I’m glad he’s not running for the West Hollywood City Council, as it is already top-heavy with queens. After the prince unvieled his “Prince Frederic For Governor” billboard on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, I knew he was too old to replace Angeline the local Billboard Queen, and thought it was just another quick little publicity campaign and that he would hasten to move on to something else once the little media hubbub died down. But it seems he has filed and will be campaigning for the Governor of California along with the  more legitimate slate of candidates.  That being said, I am annoyed by this publicity hound’s constant exposure in the various media,  including  a lengthy segment on Countdown With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC and a few seconds on CNN with Wolfe Blitzer. With all of the important local, country & world events, why the major cable channels waste time on this mess is beyond my comprehension.

I suppose that a little petty sensationalism is good for tv ratings, but I also believe that  most people are wise to this publicity trickster’s antics and take him as seriously as they do Zsa Zsa’s acting.  The Prince, a former masseur, born Hans Robert (or Hans Georg) Lichtenberg in Germany nearly 70 years ago, allegedly bought his title of  “Prince” from a bankrupt German princess  in a business transaction. The real Von Anhalt family, according to on- line informational sources, has never recognized Von Anhalt as a part of their lineage or that he is officially or otherwise entitled to any royal title.  According to the same sources, Mr. Von Anhalt along with Zsa Zsa, has been in the business of adopting men for at least a million $ and bestowing upon them the title of “Prince”.  I say if there was ever a royal mockery, this is it.  In my observation, Mr.Von Anhalt cheapens the word cheap.  He claimed to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, until paternity tests proved otherwise,  claimed to have been robbed by 3 female assailants of his clothing & other belongings, and left chained nude to the steering wheel of his Roll Royce somewhere in the deep recesses of  Bel Air. Not only was the credibility of his tale questioned, it was so ludicrous that people quickly moved on from  even having any “fun” with his story and it’s accompanying jokes. It is stated in “Wikapedia” that Zsa Zsa’s former publicist told “Inside Edition” that the actress’ husband is a “chronic fabricator”, and I presume he was stating it tactfully.

It will be intersting to see just how much publicity the prince generates from this latest publicity misadventure and just how much time & attention is given him by the local, national, and presumably even international media. Hopefully they will be merciful and spare us the details, but only the ensuing gubernatorial campaign will tell.

I have found this to be a very strange man, unprincely, to say the least, and somewhat devoid of princely duties.  He claims to be very busy, but nearly every day, for a long time, he has sat at a sidewalk table at a coffe house in West Hollywood, alone, occassionally chatting with passers-by, but  mostly chewing on a big  cigar that you can smell for blocks and staring unflinc

Taken in West Hollywood, California

hingly into space.  Judging from circumstances, I would guess that he is an unfulfilled & lonely man, doesn’t have many friends and probably doesn’t get invited to many social functions or events.  It  would seem to me that most people of any social status would be embarassed to be seen in the presence of such a character and would not want to degrade their own status by associating with a fake prince who many believe to be a hopeless social climber, willing to make as much a fool of himself as is required in order to gain attention. I once saw him at The Ivy, a celebrity-type restaurant on Robertson  Blvd. with a huge unlit cigar in his mouth and a white napkin over his head, a princely picture indeed.

Since I see the prince almost daily in my neighborhood, I have long been tired of him, and somehow get the creeps just passing him by. He always makes sure he parks his  Rolls Royce in a prominent spot in front of the coffee shop for all to see, even though,  by now, everyone knows who he is, that he drives the lavender-ish  late model Rolls and that he is married to Zsa Zsa Gabor.  Unfortunately for my neighborhood, it seems the attention of being Zsa Zsa’s husband has long worn off and the prince  continues his insatiable quest for new sources of publicity.  Why he chooses to park his Rolls Royce and himself in such an unlikely neighborhood in West Hollywood is beyond my (and anyone else I know) comprehension.  Perhaps it’s a publicity stunt that hasn’t yet climaxed.


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